15/ February By Ben Kelly

Ask for what you want


With users tearing through websites at a lightning fast pace, it's essential that you grab their attention and get them to take action. A website's number one priority is earning your business more money, and the two key ways of doing this are by a) selling them something directly, or b) getting qualified leads.


The way you strucuture your website, in terms of design, content and structure, should always focus around this key principle: websites work when there are strong calls to action in place.


And sometimes, the strongest call to action is to simply tell someone what to do. Whether it's to "buy now", "order a sample", or "get us to call you" the more prominently placed your calls to action are, the more likely people are to respond to them.


Make them stand out, surround them with a red background, use bold fonts and typefaces, or imagery to draw the eye. And be direct in your writing. Telling users what you want them to do yields results, as proven in this excellent article by Dustin Curtis


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