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11/ April By Will Kelly

With the new financial year beginning we are happy to announce two things. The first is the new Alpha Wave Media Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Packages. We believe that providing packages will suit companies of different sizes with different budgets all whilst delivering a great service.
We are also starting our first promotion of the year. For any company that signs up to one of our packages before the end of April, we are offering a great discount of 10% for the first 6 months of service! This means a saving of up to £900.
Search Engine Optimisation is an efficient and sustainable way of getting a large amount of high quality traffic to a website. Our SEO packages range from the “Get Started” package, perfect for SME’s looking to rank highly for keywords in the local area, to “Brand Boost” which is well suited for larger corporations looking to optimise a wider selection of competitive key phrases.
Social Media is becoming one of the most effective ways of building a company brand as well attracting new business by building report with your target audience. Our “Get started” package typically suits a business starting on their first Social Media campaign. “Super Social” is for companies looking to make a big impact on the Social Scene which will involve viral campaigns and high activity across a large range of platforms.
It is an exciting time for us as it is for online marketing. This year will be the first year in history where companies worldwide will spend more on online advertising than on traditional press, such is the importance of a strong internet presence. To make sure you are not missing out; call us now to discuss which package will help your business make more sales.

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27/ March By Will Kelly

Link building is a fundamental part of a Search Engine Optimisation campaign. Even with an abundance of content Google want to see authority and trustworthiness, which even the world’s best writers could not provide with written information or news on your website.
This means a laborious process of link building must take place. Although highly achievable, it is a laborious process that requires knowledge of linking that is hard to achieve if not done by an experienced search expert. People are therefore inclined to focus more on content at link building’s expense.
Good content become Google’s top priority in 2011 as demonstrated with the Panda update amongst other initiatives they took to encourage or subtly threaten community managers to produce. This was a long needed approach to battle spam websites who ranked highly on Google through hundreds of badly written short articles. The quality of content has risen dramatically in the last 18 months.
However, there a few people out there who have been writing amazing content for a while. They have not been doing this to please Google or even to entice readers (albeit an added bonus). They know the art of link baiting, which although takes place rarely, can dramatically transform a website from being hidden in the void to a serious contender for first page rankings on Google.
A few years back, British flooring company once wrote a fascinating article detailing the mahogany floorboards used in a 17th century mansion. It was entirely geared towards readability and although it contained important keywords, produced a much more interesting result. The Wall Street Journal website used this content piece as a reference in one of their own articles.
This was the jackpot. Imagine a family ran bakers being told that they were to provide Tesco with their entire bread range. It had the same effect.  No longer skulking around on the second or third page on Google, suddenly they rose to prominence and for valuable search terms too. Google recognized the authority of such a link and consequently ranked the flooring website highly.
Simply put, link baiting is the art of writing extremely informative and well written unique content that typically attracts references from news websites. Ask anyone in the UK which website ranks the best for the widest variety of search terms to which the answer will always be the BBC. They need to source information from somewhere and will scour the internet until they find it. Good content will attract these journalists who will carefully pick a good source, which in will shower this website’s content provider with incredibly high authority and rankings. Don’t forget that good content is what people want to read, which helps to increase dwell times too.
For well written content that will entice readers and attract link baiting, please contact us to discuss our content provision services.

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15/ February By Ben Kelly


With users tearing through websites at a lightning fast pace, it's essential that you grab their attention and get them to take action. A website's number one priority is earning your business more money, and the two key ways of doing this are by a) selling them something directly, or b) getting qualified leads.


The way you strucuture your website, in terms of design, content and structure, should always focus around this key principle: websites work when there are strong calls to action in place.


And sometimes, the strongest call to action is to simply tell someone what to do. Whether it's to "buy now", "order a sample", or "get us to call you" the more prominently placed your calls to action are, the more likely people are to respond to them.


Make them stand out, surround them with a red background, use bold fonts and typefaces, or imagery to draw the eye. And be direct in your writing. Telling users what you want them to do yields results, as proven in this excellent article by Dustin Curtis


And on that note, you should follow me on twitter here: @alphawavemedia

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